Uplifting! Solo Dog walks

£10.50 Per walk (20 to 30 mins) Puppy

£13.00 Per walk (30 mins)

£20.00 Per walk (1 hour)

£30.00 (2 dogs, Same Household)

We offer a solo dog walk for dogs that prefer to be the main focus of our attention. We offer a 60 min or 30 min solo walk which allows your little one, to get out and about without needing to worry about other Dogs being close to them. Good for socially anxious dogs/nervous dogs.

Upbeat! Group walks Weekdays

£10.00 Per walk (20 to 30 mins) Puppy

£11.50 Per walk (30 mins)

£13.50 Per walk (1 hour)

£24.00 (2 dogs, Same Household)

Our upbeat group dog walks are different, we use our time to motivate, stimulate while out on our walks. We also build up a loyal trust with your dog.

We also limit our group walks to a maximum of 4 dogs to 1 person.

We offer a free meet and greet to introduce ourselves to you and your bundle of joy.

To tailorize your individual package today please get in touch to discuss availability times and days that suit your individual needs.

morkie dog on soft couch

Friendly! Pet drop in Service (Puppies/Kittens/Rabbits/Guineapigs)

From £10.00 (30 mins)

Our friendly drop-in service allows your puppy/kitten to stay home and benefit from some friendly interaction and play while you are away all day. we can accommodate multiple drop ins, in one day. Rest assured that your fluffy companion will receive lots of care and love with our friendly drop in service. Please note that this service is tailorized to your individual’s needs. We will replenish the bowls with fresh water, do as requested for additional feeding, and have a toilet break too.

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Does The Joys of Dog Walking have Insurance

Yes, Joys of Dog Walking are fully insured and have been disclosure checked.

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